Poured In Place Rubber Repair Kit

Each repair kit consists of 10 lbs. of 1-3 mm Colored EPDM Granules and 1 qt. of polyurethane binder.  Each repair kit will cover approximately 3-5 sq. ft. at 1/2" depth. 

  • Poured In Place Playground Repair Kits are designed so even with limited knowledge of surfacing and tools can easily repair cracks, splits and holes in poured-in-place playground surfacing. Each kit contains pre-measured amounts of binder (glue) and rubber and comes with easy to follow instructions, making the repair simple and easy.
  • Can be used to fix rubber playground surfaces or running tracks, as well as the construction or repair of transitions ramps, and filling in gaps between the sidewalk and playground surface.
  • Loved by parks, municipalities, schools, daycares and maintenance professionals everywhere. 
  • Choose from a variety of colors. For a professional looking repair make sure you select the best option for your repair